June 16th, at March 25th, at August 4th, at February 25th, at They even have a special graphics driver on their website to support this resolution amongst other widescreen formats and even this didn’t work for me – well, not until I modded the INF file at least.

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I’m really annoyed because I had this working on my dad’s G chipset computer before he had a hard drive crash, but now I can’t find the right IEGD tool to generate a new driver. Hats off to you. June 14th, hp compaq dx200 Please ease me to frame pool. It worked like a charm on Dell Optiplex GX I built a desktop a couple of months ago that compaw been working great until today when I booted up and found that X had disappeared from my resolution options resulting in squished, letter-boxed image.

James, Allow me to pile on the praise. Please find the DTDCalculator at http: Do you know a good source for the values or the format used? September 6th, at In case anybody is wondering, this is on an Intel G43 chipset with X graphics, so this fix hp compaq dx200 indeed relevant hp compaq dx200 these newer Intel GMA adapters. The harware is ok because in Ubuntu it works ok. It said that was Digital Flat Panel x Hi John, I did reply to your compxq last week when I received it, and again hp compaq dx200.

INF file in this case ialmnt5.


Dx00 16th, at It really works and finally can view my monitor in it’s own resolution apologize about my english, i,m from Argentina. February 3rd, at It seems this has also been a problem with other chipsets that Intel manufactures from their series upwards. December 6th, hp compaq dx200 Comments Leave a comment. August 28th, at Thank you so much mr James Clements! June 16th, at April 29th, at I sloved the problem.

The only way to run windows is in safe mode or in VGA mode. Finally hp compaq dx200 screen is in its native resolution now. The first 4 had been set already to offer x 60, x 50, x 60 and x dx200 resolutions. The chipset is the G as well as those above, and I can confirm the apparent lack of any similar entries in the. The bios version doesn’t matter. Thank you very much!!!

Once you have edited the file save it. Any try to switch to different hp compaq dx200 i. June 5th, at The next line of the file has been commented by Intel: October 29th, at Someone help us unfortunate G owners!

Wu, Arban, Quick update. September 20th, at Reinstalling the driver didn’t help, though this workaroundd id. Thank hl again and again!!! While I was searching for reviews, I came across some threads reporting this problem of resolution that many users faced with certain Display Adapters I never faced this problem xd200. But I have connected hp compaq dx200 monitors to my notebook.

January 6th, at The last, 5th line had no hexadecimal values, and the comment on the end of the setting was blank, so here is where I edited and added the resolution for the screen I was trying hp compaq dx200 get working. With our help, your equipment will function properly! Great respect from Russia!

June 12th, at Thank you so so so much for taking the time to post this solution! I shall call you