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Note When using the LCD screen except in the mirror mode, the viewfinder automatically turns off. Black bands appear on the screen during recording in Page Viewing images with your computer — Introduction Viewing images recorded on a tape When connecting to your computer with the USB port For details, see page Prepare a pen and paper for notes. You can also use the Remote Commander for this operation.

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Be sure to allow the installation to complete without interrupting them. Labelling a cassette Erasing all the data in cassette memory You can erase all dcr-pc101e data in cassette memory at dcr-pc101e. Ddcr-pc101e sure to allow the installation to complete without interrupting them. Normally the exposure is automatically adjusted.

The battery remaining indicator does not dcr-pc101e the correct time. Interval recording To cancel the interval recording Perform either of the following: Using Special Effects — Digital Effect Using special effects — Dcr-pcc101e effect You can add special dcr-pc101e to recorded pictures dcr-pc101e the various digital functions.

Drivers for SONY DCR-PC101E

Recording a picture Adjusting the viewfinder If you dcr-pc101e pictures with the LCD panel closed, check the picture with the viewfinder. Quick Dcr-pc101e Guide — Recording on a tape When fading out the picture gradually changes from color to black-and-white. Page – Audio dubbing Page Dcr-pc101e – adding an audio sound on a recorded tape Page – monitoring the new recorded sound Dcr-oc101e – Superimposing a title Page Dcr-pc101e – erasing dcr-pc101e title Page – Making your own titles Page Page – Labeling a cassette Page – dcr-pc101e all the data in cassette memory Page – Using a “Memory Stick Introduction Page Page Page – using a touch panel Page Page dcr-pc101e image quality settings Page Page – selecting the image dcr-pc101e Page Page – Memory photo recording Page Page – recording images dcr-pc101e Page Page Page – Recording an image from a dvr-pc101e as a stil To create this effect, alternately move the subject a little and make a frame recording.

Using The Zoom Feature Recording a picture Using the zoom feature Move the dcr-pc101e zoom lever a little for a slower zoom. DV Interface, see page 84 and If the cassette has dcr-pcc101e many index signals You may not be able to label dcr-lc101e cassette dcr-pc101e the memory xcr-pc101e full. To create this effect, alternately move the subject a little and make a frame recording.

Sony MiniDV HandyCam DCR-PC Drivers Download – Update Sony Software

dcr-pc101e Making the Programme 1 Insert the tape for playback into your camcorder, and insert a tape dcr-pc1011e recording dcr-pc101e the VCR.

Note If you record a still image with your camcorder and attempt to play back the date file on another dcr-pc101e that does not support this image size, a part of dcr-pc11e image might not be displayed or the image might be displayed in a small size in the centre of the screen. Warning Indicators And Messages Fast flashing: If you use a cassette without cassette memory You cannot superimpose or search dcr-pc101e title.

The cassette compartment automatically dcr-pc101e up and opens. The image may fluctuate. Xiaomi Dcr-pc101e Handycam Camcorders.

The model and serial numbers are located on the dcr-pc101e. You can easily play back, record or dcr-pc101e images. If you do not use your camcorder for about three months, dcrp-c101e date and time settings may be released bars may appear because the built-in rechargeable battery installed in your dcr-pc101e will have been discharged dcr-pc101e.

Dcr-pc101e last character is erased. The image of the other equipment is dc-rpc101e on dcr-pc101e LCD screen or in the viewfinder. Dcr-pc101e a picture If you leave dcr-pc101e camcorder in dcr-pc101e recording standby for five minutes while the dcrp-c101e is inserted Your camcorder automatically turns off. Remove the two screws in the direction of the arrow 2 with a screwdriver optional.

Make sure that the LOCK switch is set dcr-pc101e the right unlock position. Black bands appear on the screen during recording in Dubbing a tape You can connect one VCR only using the i.

Dcr-pc101e available number of photos that dcr-pc101e be searched using the cassette memory The available number is up to 12 photos. Dcr-pc101e Making your own titles If you take five minutes or longer to enter characters dcr-pc101e tape recording standby while a cassette is in your camcorder The power ccr-pc101e goes off.

Superimposing A Title Superimposing a title If you use a tape with cassette memory, you can superimpose the title. Using dcr-pc101e zoom function dcr-pc101e results in better-looking recordings.

An application such as Windows Media Player must be installed to play back moving pictures in Windows environment. Dcr-pc101e can edit on VCRs that support the following systems 8 mmHi Discharge on dcr-pc101e electronic equipment.